Artist's Manifesto

An artist who want to "live in truth" should always adapted his statement according to the context. The relationship with the audience is one of the most important context that each performing artists should consider. Without audience, there is no performance. Hence I would like to formulate a manifesto which is always in a fluid state where each encounter will change it. This page will serve as an archive of theses changes.

  1. Beside arousing emotions, my works also create a space for reflection, bring mindfulness into daily life.

2. Whoever will use the rehearsal space has to clean it together before and after using it.

3. Treat every work as my last work, and never regret even if I can no longer create any more.

4. My Knowing and Doing should be united, and the process itself has to match my value.

5. More time during concepting, rehearsal and performance are spent to share my ideas with others, and accept any challenge.

6. My work shouldn't only represent the world, but to change it.

7. My work is a means to arm the audience with the ability to communicate.

8. Stand out with the value I believe in.

9. Don’t take any background knowledge as granted. Every work is an opportunity to unlearn language, culture, technique, world view, knowledge……

10. Tell the truth (even with the means of telling lies).

11. In the name of Art, being responsible for what consequences my works create.

12. Take every opportunity to create human connection.

13. Provide a safe space for the People to co-presence.

14. Never violate others’ (materials, participants, co-creators) privacy.

15. Construct the sense of community.

16. Transpass the national boundary.

17. Beware the use of language.

18. Prepare the audience to face the unthinkable in real lives.

19. Create art for the one I love.

20. Be as courageous as I can, as we can.